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Most Meindl boots are compatible with Meindl Vakuum Air-Active Drysole footbeds.

These footbeds provide thicker cushioning than standard footbeds. They are also used to lift the feet inside the boot slightly, in order to reduce the internal volume. This allows better fit for narrow and low volume feet. They are standard issue for Meindl Vakuum models.

They have exceptional wicking and drying characteristics and provide a comfortable base for the feet. They provide the right balance of cushioning and firmness to maintain comfort but not allow the foot to move too much inside the boot.

The footbed deliberately does not have extensive arch support as Meindl boots have that feature already built into the shank below the footbed.


Vildona Drysole material & Hydrophobic Memory foam

Advice from Meindl

  • Ordering the right size: Have a look at the underside of your existing footbeds to get the right size. Or order by your boot size. If you need a half size, order the next full size up from it and trim around the FRONT with sharp scissors according to the shape of your old ones.
  • The footbeds supplied with your boots are supplied to the half size. These replacements are available in full sizes.
  • It is advisable to re-new your footbeds after a period of time in order to maintain optimum comfort in your boots. The footbeds are sacrificial and will crush down slowly under the impact of your footfall. As they are expended, the footbed will slowly feel less comfortable and cushioning. Time to re-new depends on how much use you give your boots;
    • Heavy use such as Professional users and hardcore recreationalists: Replace them about every 6 to 9 months.
    • Light to medium users such as seasonal trampers: Replace them before a new hiking season or about every 12 to 18 months.
    • They are washable and will do a few washes.
  • It is inadvisable to use replacement footbeds with very spongy or jelly like materials. These products may be comfortable on initial wearing but the big downside is that they will allow the foot to bounce inside the boot. This movement will cause friction and blisters and will wear the lining away in rubbing spots.
  • It is inadvisable to use aftermarket footbeds that have excessive arch support and structural components. These products are not necessary for correct support in a Meindl boot. The Orthotic shape and nature of a Meindl boot is already built into the upper support structure, the shank(midsole) shape and structure and the outsole design. Footbeds with excessive arch support etc will create a feeling of over support in the arches or other places and cause pain and lead to injuries.
  • If you wear orthotics in other shoes; the golden solution for you is to book yourself an appointment with your sports podiatrist and take your boots along with you. This is a great chance to get an update on your innersole prescription and to have them exactly match the boot to your required level and shape of corrective support. A professional sport podiatrist is the only person who can offer you this service and we always recommend it. Even for those who think they do not have podiatry issues.
  • When resting your boots overnight, pull out the footbeds and prop them up in the boot shaft so they have a chance to dry.
  • If you are out back country, pull out your footbeds at night and dry them where they can be warmed such as between your bivi bag and thermal mat.

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