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What sizing are the boots in?                                                                                   

Boots are in UK sizing, Safety boots are in EU sizing and only come in full sizes no half sizes available.                                                                                                

 How do I store my boots?                                                                                 

Never put wet boots away in a damp airless storage area without first insuring they have dried out completely. (Any moisture left in the boot and midsole especially if in contact with standing in stagnant water can create a mould that will destroy the structure of the material).                                                                                      

How do I dry my boots?

Never dry boots in front of a heat source including direct summer sun, use only airflow in a warm dry environment. (Direct heat can crack the rubber rands, and harden the leather uppers as well as deform the synthetic supports inside the boot; always remove the footbeds to accelerate drying.)

What purpose are the Rubber Rands?

The Rubber Rands has only one job and that is to protect the leather upper from cuts scratching and gouging.  The rand has nothing to do with waterproofing.  If the rand develops cuts or splits or even pulls away from the leather upper at the flexing zones, it will still be protecting the leather upper at its widest point.

When should I Lubricate my boots?

Always re-lubricate the leather upper with Meindl Sportwax to avoid the leather going hard after been wet. (if you are away in the mountains and the boots get wet, do not try to dry them out unless they will be completely dry and you can apply the Sportwax to insure the leather does not got hard and crack across the flexing zones.  If you carry no Sportwax keep the leather uppers wet as you will not crack wet leather and apply when you get home.) Boots treated with wax will last longer.

How do I look after the Gore-Tex lining?

Never try to force the foot into or out of the boot without first undoing the laces correctly.  You will pull the Gore-Tex lining away from the cuff as well as wear a hole in the heel area allowing the boots to leak water. Boots with Gore-Tex lining are water-tight only up to the height of the Gore-Tex Lining!

My innersoles have worn out what should I do?

Innersoles can be taken out. Insoles will eventually lose their shock-absorbing properties and should be replaced by new ones.  Also remember to take out your footbeds to air after you have worn them all day to air out as the insoles take on a lot of moisture and need to be dried.