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About Meindl Boots


The historical records show that the Meindl family have been making footwear and leather clothing in Kirchanschoring in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria in Germany for well over 300 years.


The art of boot-making has evolved tremendously over these many years but the traditions and values of the craft are still rigorously upheld by the current Meindl Generation of boot-makers. It is this inherently German ability of blending quality and advanced technology in design that keeps the Meindl brand as the worlds leading boot-makers and at the very pinnacle of Quality, Design and Function.


The proof of this is in the numerous awards that have been accorded to the brand Meindl by many independent Institutions, Expositions, Magazines and Outdoor Organisations.


Meindl are famous for the development of their patented fully orthotic shank that holds the foot in its correct shape thus allowing the foot to respond to terrain type in the most effective way,  improving balance and enhancing negotiating ability.

The most important feature for everyone is obtaining the correct model MEINDL for the use required coupled with correct fit;


 Meindl will maximise the enjoyment of Mountaineering, Trekking and Specialist Activities and that is really what it is all about!




A boot looks to be a simple thing to the uninformed; it has a rubber sole, leather uppers and laces.

This is like saying that a car has rubber tyres, metal body and glass windows.

We all know that there is a tremendous difference between a Mini and a Ferrari yet they both have the same fundamentals and it is exactly the same with boots. Just  because a boot has a rubber sole, leather uppers and laces does not mean it has performance.


What makes the difference is the quality of the materials as well as construction and design.

In a boot like the Multi award winning Model Island there are over 100 components to make the Island an award winner!



Meindl developed a Walking System for the Military to reduce foot, ankle, knee and hip related injuries in soldiers when on exercise in steep and rugged conditions.

The world patented Walking System is based on a fully orthotic polyamide shank which is in effect the chassis that the boot is built on. This orthotically accurate form cradles the foot in its correct shape and position in relation to the skeletal train, bringing the natural balance point forward on to the ball of the foot.

This insures the wearer is constantly held in a physical state that dramatically reduces the likelihood of twisting ankles, pulling ligaments or over reaching joints, especially hip joints when hiking in rough and steep off trail conditions. 



Meindl also invented the porous, punctually glued synthetic forms that are attached to the inside of the leather upper in key points to ensure the leather upper has the required amount of stiffness and support when the leather upper is wet.

This strength and support is vital as the ankles, knees and hips are supported by the strong tibial tie of the boot above the ankle, when sidling in steep and rugged terrain- especially when carrying a pack or heavy weight, as this magnifies the load on the lower body considerably.




A Breathable Memory Foam System is a recent development and insures that the internal dimension of the boot is formed to the wearers foot shape by the heat from their feet.

This not only reduces the effect of pressure points, it also reduces foot movement in the boot. The average person is unlikely to have both feet exactly the same shape or size and this MFS foam allows a snug fit for both left and right feet.




Gore-Tex® is a marvellous material that allows the perspiration to transpire from the foot through the boot as steam vapour, keeping the skin of the foot dry. It is interesting to note that the average person, in a day’s hiking, each foot will produce about 250ml of fluid as perspiration, which is about a coffee cup full. Meindl have developed a pumping system with the foam linings that with the motion and flexing of the boot, it creates an airflow that enhances the transpiration of perspiration through the GTX®.

In colder climates it is often the perspiration on the skin that chills off when the wearer stops walking that creates cold feet. It is bit like having a hot shower in a shower cabinet and stepping out into a cold bathroom OUCH! It is also the perspiration in hot conditions in the boot that can cause fungal and bacterial build up within the boot if the perspiration is not effectively transpired.



Meindl have a unique system to balance the pronation and supination problems of the feet. This system is built into the PU shock absorbing wedge and uses inert rubber and energised rubber at apposing points on the shock absorbing PU wedge to stabilise and reduce the effect of both pronation and supination.


Meindl Foot-Bed

The foot-bed of the Meindl boot is constructed using 'baby nappy' technology, absorbing the perspiration away from the skin. The foot has many sweat glands around 250,000. Also the foot-bed has a MFS foam layer for the foot to imprint into as well as a layer of PE foam for added shock absorption




Air-Active® Soft Print Drysole

The Soft Print foam is put directly on the drysole fleece. No glue is used for connecting the two materials to ensure optimum moisture transfer.

Comfort Fit®

Small difference great effect: Comfort-fit concept



The entire Comfort Fit footbed consists of cork. To bind the cork, some binding agent is used to ensure high moisture permeability of the footbed.

The moisture is taken up and transported by the integrated fleece.



Advantages of natural cork

  • Lightness - As 89% of its structure is gaseous, the density of cork is extremely low (between 480 and 520 kg/m3).
  • Elasticity - The unique structure of the cells makes the footbed so pleasant to wear – both standing and walking.
  • Moisture control - Climate regulating thanks to unique moisture control.
  • Heat - Cork adjusts to the temperature and ensures a pleasant climate in the shoe.
  • Ecologically sustainable - Thanks to the sensible economic use of cork oak, the preservation of cork forests and hence the ecological balance are ensured.


Air-Active® Vakuum®

MFS® vacuum technology in the footbed for a new definition of fit.



Meindl Multigriff® by Vibram®

Meindl Multigrip® by Vibram®

About 30 years ago, the Meindl Multigrip® profile was first developed and has since proven its worth millions of times over in various boot models. Concave cross-section, high skid resistance at the edges, good shock absorption characteristics and self-cleaning profile with abrasive areas are the predominate elements of the Meindl Multigrip® sole, which is exclusively made for Meindl by Vibram®.

Vibram® Urban Walker

Meindl rubber grip sole by Vibram® with EVA shock absorber

Meindl Comfort Hiker


Vibram® MontagnaSole

Shoe-making at its best - genuine double-stitching.

Meindl have been masters of the traditional craftsmanship of double-stitching for generations. This tradition requires absolute mastery and only very few shoemakers still command the skill to do it. Double-stitched boots stand out with their particularly high quality and outstandingly long service life. The typical feature of a double-stitched boots is the visible double seam.

  • high-quality leather
  • insole from vegetable tanned leather
  • made by hand
  • soft midsoles